About classY

ClassY is an educational tool for mobile devices designed for both teachers and students. The software enables teachers to easily prepare a lesson with editable games and quizzes that fit all subjects through custom templates. Students can play the games in the classroom, on their devices, in groups or as individuals.

Think of it as an application for the whole classroom; an easily usable tool to teach and learn while playing.

Our solutions and prices are both customized, whether you have your own devices or not.


- Track student's results & achievements to see their strengths, weaknesses and development

- Find all your data in your own user account

- Use built-in or custom templates to create your own games

- Easily create a lesson plan with our drag and drop editor

- Use pictures, texts and quotations in your games

- Share your lesson plans and games with your collegues

- Thematise your games with labels

(in the classroom)

- Control the whole lesson plan, skip or replay games

- Create groups and play cooperative games

- Pause the lesson plan to explain upcoming tasks and lectures

- Play and preview your own games

- Receive live shortlisted reporting data to track your students' progress

- Manage your lesson plan offline


- Gamification: collect stars to get figures and badges (tailored for
different age groups)

- Big variety of game types

- Replay the games to earn more stars

- Cooperative games to promote group dynamics

- Track your development in your own user account

You're the one in control!